Harbhajan Mann Recommends Action on Two Issues from PM Modi

Harbhajan Mann spoke to a reporter in Punjab and asked PM Modi to work on education in the country. He stated that the most important issue is a great education system which will contribute to the economy. He further stated that health is just as important as good health will lead to a stronger people. […]

Harbhajan Mann’s Response to Badal Controversy on Stage

Punjabi singer Harbhajan Mann during a performance was questioned about his relationship and promotion of Punjab Govt and Parkash Singh Badal. Harbhajan Mann stopped performing to give a response, and encouraged the member from the audience to come to the stage. Harbhajan Mann said he had openly resigned from the position he was given and […]

Video: Harbhajan Mann Speaks Out on Controversy Says ‘Enough is Enough’

(DSU News Bureau) Harbhajan Mann arrived in the UK for promotions of his new film ‘Gaddar’ which is based on exposing the extra judicial killings by Punjab Police officer Ajit Sandhu. During a press conference in the UK, he spoke out against the controversy of supporting the Badals. He said people on social media over […]