Sikh Council UK Response to False Reporting by ‘AAJ Tak’ on Gurdaspur Terror

The Sikh Council UK issued a statement to the false reporting of the Gurdaspur Terror attack by ‘AAJ Tak’ Indian media network. The channel throughout the day of the incident labelled the terrorists as ‘Sikhs’ despite intelligence information affirming them to be part of the LeT from Pakistan.

The Singhs Who Did Langar Seva During Terror Attack in Gurdaspur

2 Singhs fearlessly did selfless service of Langar during the terror attack in Gurdaspur, Punjab. The Singhs fed the army personnel and members of the media while bullets were flying in the air. The news story has gained tremendous publicity with estimated views topping 1 million on social networks.

Video: Underworld Don Warns of ‘Reaction’ After Yakub Memon Hanging

If Dawood would have come to India in 1993, your government would have done the same as you did with Yakub Memon: Chhota Shakeel to ABP News. in an exclusive interview, Shakeel said that now they do not trust the Indian judiciary at all. By giving capital punishment to Yakub, Indian judiciary has shown its […]

Captain’s Questions Sukhbir Badal Following Gurdaspur

Captain Amrinder Singh of the Congress party accused Sukhbir Badal of being in a foreign country while Gurdaspur was under attack. Captain Amrinder said, ‘Sukhbir Badal should have returned as soon as he found out, he’s the Home Ministry, it’s his duty.’ The Punjab Deputy Chief Minister and the Home Minister of India both haven’t […]

Explosion in Dhinanagar, Gurdaspur Following Terror Attack

An explosive had gone off in Dinanagar police station in Gurdaspur following the operation to flush out the gunmen who had holed up inside. An explosive was left behind was found and the disposal team went in to diffuse it but it went off. According to reports no information was given as to whether the […]

Stupidity At it’s Finest: Listen to Kiran Bedi’s Comments on Gurdaspur Terror

Kiran Bedi’s outrageous comments without verification of any facts caused outraged. The media made the same mistake by unleashing an attack on the word ‘Sikh’ and associating it with terror without even knowing who was behind the attack on Gurdaspur. After it was determined the gunmen were associated with the LeT only then the media […]

CCTV Footage Captures Gurdaspur Terror Gunmen

Gurdaspur Attack: CCTV captures all three gunment in army uniform carrying AK-47. The CCTV footage is of a resident who lived nearby Dinanagar Police Station. In the footage, three gunmen are being seen walking wearing army uniform and carrying AK 47. After this, they fired at a Dhaba owner and a car driver. They take […]

Eyewitness State Accounts of What They Saw in Gurdaspur

Here’s the timeline of what all has happened: > 4:30 am: four men hijacked a white Maruti car from the Old Pathankot-Gurdaspur road in Punjab, and fired at a passenger bus, killing three civilians. > 5:30 am: the attackers opened fire at a police station in Gurdaspur district, 11 km from Gurdaspur city, close to […]

Unanswered Questions in the Handling of Gurdaspur Attack

After the completion of the operation to flush out terrorists holed up at a police station in Gurdaspur district in Punjab, several unanswered questions remain. Why wasn’t the army called in to handle the situation especially since the Punjab police does not have sophisticated arms against the AK47s used by the militants? Why did the […]