Singh Uses Gatka Skills to Tackle Thief in UK Shop

Vikramjeet Singh recounts how he used his Gatka skills to stop a robbery in a shop in the UK: Yesterday I got bravery award for showing courageous effort by catching thief who jumped inside shop and looted money from the shop and steal some other items and that time I was there to deliver newspaper […]

Fastest Gatka You’ve Ever Seen (Video)

A Gatka team in India has shown why they are highly skilled in the martial art of Gatka. The tense yet extremely fast Gatka of the group has been making the rounds on social networks. The gatka players demonstrate their tremendous hand eye coordination with super fast sword maneuvers. The group based in Patiala, Punjab […]

Stunt in the Name of Gatka Goes Wrong (Video)

Many Gatka groups taking the martial art and mixing it with stunts to show bravery and to draw crowds. It draws large crowds but can also be very harmful. The ancient martial art has been kept alive by Sikhs for centuries by respecting it’s original form but recently after Bir Khalsa’s success at a Indian […]

Singhs of Indian Army Do Amazing Gatka in Delhi (Video)

At an Event organized by the Indian Army in Rahgiri, New Delhi Singhs of the Indian Army perform their Gatka Skills in front of a large crowd. The audience was at awe to see such amazing gatka skills of the Sikhs of the Indian Army. Gatka is an ancient martial art which has been thoroughly […]

Intense Axe Gatka Between Kaur and Singh (Video)

Kaur and Singh demonstrate Gatka Skills by by Sahibzada Ajit Singh Akharha, Sri Paunta Sahib (HP), India Gatka (Punjabi: ਗਤਕਾ gatkā) is a traditional South Asian form of combat-training in which wooden sticks are used to simulate swords in sparring matches.[1] In modern usage, it commonly refers to the northwestern Indian martial arts, which should […]

Bana of Singh Burnt After “Trick” Taken Too Far (Video)

A Video shows how in the name of Gatka and Shastarvidya a trick taken too far which resulted in the burning of a Singhs Bana. Many traditional Gatka groups are outraged as they say these tricks are not gatka and don’t represent Shastarvidya taught by puratan Sikhs. Previously, the Akal Takht Jathedar had stated to […]