France Dis-Respects Sikh Religion by Making Sikhs Take Off Turbans for Passport Photos

Sikhs are calling on the Indian Govt to raise the issue of turban less photos on all government IDs of France. Sikhs are calling the French Govt requirement as being “humiliating” and “embarrassing.” The Sikhs living in France feel that with the new French Govt would be willing exempt Sikhs from the requirement. Representatives of […]

France to Install Statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

A statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh will be installed in France’s Saint-Tropez town, the birth place of his army general Jean-Francois Allard, in September this year. Henri Prevosat-Allard, deputy mayor and in-charge of tourism of Saint-Tropez, on Wednesday met Punjab tourism minister Sohan Singh Thandal here and invited him to the ceremony, an official release […]

Sikhs Rebute Claims of French Gov Stating There is “No Ban on Turbans”

UNITED SIKHS led a meeting with the French ambassador on Thursday 4 February 2016 to rebut France’s recent statement that the turban was not banned in France. UNITED SIKHS director, Gurpreet Singh, submitted to the French ambassador, H.E. Francois Richier, that it was misleading to say that there is no Sikh turban ban in France […]

BREAKING: French Embassy Responds to Turban Ban in France

The following is press release by the French Embassy: Following recent allegations regarding the so-called restrictions imposed on the wearing of the Sikh turban in France, the Embassy of France would like to provide once again clarifications and clear misunderstandings. New Delhi, 02 February 2016 France upholds the freedom of religion, as well as the […]

French Man Who Renounced His Citizenship After Embracing Sikhi

India News: French Sikh convert appalled at degeneration in Punjab politics. He renounced his French citizenship for embracing the Sikh faith, came to India, married here and settled in Punjab. Living here since past many years, he is disappointed with the current politicians of Punjab who, according to him, have completely diverted from the path […]

Singh Tells French Consul “You Banned Our Turban”

French regulation on religious attire draws international flak Via: OFMI Sacramento, CA: Sept. 11, 2015 — As the three young men who stopped the recent French train terror attack received a hero’s welcome in California, French Consul Pauline Carmona was the face of villainy for her country’s ongoing denial of the religious liberty of minorities. […]

Singh Sends Message to French Government Over Turban Ban

After Skydiving from 14000 ft, Harjinder Singh sends a subtle message to the French Govt. to reverse the ban of Turbans! A Sikh businessman from Ludhiana attended a conference on “French Historical Ties in the Punjab” at the French Embassy in Delhi and sent out a subtle message to the French Govt. to reverse the […]

Singh “I Support France, But Why My Turban Banned?”

Check out Rajdeep Singh’s letter to the editor on France, published by the Washington Post. The photo below is of Sikh soldiers being greeted as heroes in Paris, circa 1916. “As a Sikh, I support the right of Charlie Hebdo to publish satirical cartoons about religion. At the same time, it troubles me that I […]

France’s Sikhs Getting Ready For Campaign to Over Turn Ban on Turbans in Public Schools

France’s Sikh community is ramping up a campaign for the turban to be allowed in state-funded schools amid moves to reinforce a 2004 law banning pupils from wearing religious symbols.   The contentious issue pits the cherished French principle of secularity in public life and institutions against the essence of the Sikh religion, which requires […]