SAD Candidate Promises Satsang of Dera Sirsa in Punjab

SAD Candidate has promised satsang of Dera Sirsa in Punjab during a rally in the dera in front of the supporters of the Dera. The press report from BabuShahi TV revealed that after hearing the announcement made by the Candidate the crowd applauded. Just 3 days from the Punjab Assembly elections, Dera Sirsa gave support […]

Watch Live: Bihar Election Update

Times Now Brings you Bihar Election Result Live. No Forecasting but real numbers directly from Election Commission. Bihar Election update: BJP which led early on in the counting is now trailing by quiet a bit. BJP workers were seen celebrating outside the headquarters of the party but now wait nervously after the Nitish and Lalu […]

Watch What Happened During a Press Conference on Elections

During a press conference by members of Shiromani Akali Dal Badal, a incident happened causing a chaotic scene. 2 people were sitting on a glass table which gave up after weight overpowered it. The table gave out one of it’s legs causing it to break. The press conference was interrupted momentarily until members got themselves […]

Allegations Against Sikh Council UK After Support to Worst MP Candidate in UK

Why is the Sikh Council UK thanking the worst Parliamentary candidate and referring to his ‘great work’ for the Sikh community? When we came across the letter below from the Secretary General of the Sikh Council UK in support of Paul Uppal we thought it must be false and a fabrication. The fact the letter […]