Tremendous Performance of Kanwar Grewal at Delhi Fateh Diwas

Kanwar Grewal is one Punjabi singer who has greatly evolved from his entry into the Punjabi music industry. The lyrics of his songs have taken a trend of being spiritual. He has preached message of Sikhi to an extent and in recent shows he’s quoted gurbani quite extensively. Kanwar Grewal’s performance at the Delhi Fateh […]

Bhai Baldev Singh Speaks Out at Delhi Fateh Diwas (Video)

Bhai Baldev Singh made aware Sikh Sangat about anti-gurmat activities which were to take place at the 2nd day of Delhi Fateh Diwas. The planned activities were sufi singing and bhangra performances. Bhai Baldev Singh says he approached the Delhi Committee to cancel the activities and to concentrate on Dhadi vaars and gatka performances instead. […]

Amazing Pictures from Delhi Fateh Diwas Celebration

The 2nd annual Delhi Fateh Diwas of 1783 was celebrated by Sikh Sangat in New Delhi with a lot of joy. The 2nd day of the celebrations saw a “Khalsai March” where Nihang Singhs, Gatka groups, Sikh army personnel and Sikh Sangat participated. The event organized by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Parbandak Committee seeks to […]