Singh’s Turban at 645 Metre To Set World Record!

Proudly owned by a devoted Sikh, Avtar Singh Manui, this extra large headgear weighs a hefty 100lbs and measures an astonishing 645 metres when unwrapped. Mr Manui has been regularly adding to the colourful turban for the past 16 years and said that it now takes him an incredible SIX hours to put on. “I […]

“Surat Sikhs” Hold Major Turban Day at NYC, Tie 700 Turbans on New Yorkers

Article Originally Published BY Simran Jeet Singh on Huffington Post Although it is counted as the world’s fifth largest religion, relatively few Americans know about the Sikh tradition. This lack of awareness has had severely negative consequences, especially when Americans mistakenly equate a turban with terrorism. The first casualty of a hate crime after 9/11 was a turbaned Sikh American, […]

Akali Nihung Dastaar on Display in British Museum

A turban worn by Sikh warriors serving in the British Indian Army in the 19th Century has gone on display in Coventry. The Fortress turban is on loan from the British Museum to the Herbert Museum. It is known as a dastaar boonga, and is distinct to the original Sikh warriors, the Akali Nihangs, the […]