What Happened During the Battle of Chamkaur?

This Article Originally Published on Info-Sikh Zafarnama – line 19…. How could forty famished persons fight in the battlefield, on whom ten lakh soldiers made a sudden attack.19. Your army breaking the oath and in great haste plunged in the battlefield with arrows and guns.20. For this reason, I had to intervene and had to […]

Bhai Todar Mal Ji has purchased the Most Expensive Land

The Most Costliest Land was Purchased by Bhai Todar Mal Ji, For Sanskaar of Chote Sahibzaade and Mata Gujri at what is now Gurudwara Jyoti Saroop Sahib, which was done by placing Gold Coins in Vertical Position over the Required Space. A total of 7,800 gold coins were put in vertical position to achieve this.

Shaheedi of Chote Sahibzaade

Having left the Fort of Anandpur Sahib and getting separated from Guru Sahib, the family and the rest of the Sikhs, Mata Gujri jee (whose name after taking Amrit was Mata Gujri Kaur jee) and the two young Sahibzadey (sons of Guru Gobind Singh jee) walked through the forest alone. They met Gangu, a Brahman […]