Kirtan Performed for the First Time on the Great Wall of China

The Kirtan Jatha of Bhai Gagandeep Singh took it upon themselves to make history at the Great Wall of China. The Jatha performed kirtan on one of the 7 wonders of the world. Many tourists gathered to listen to Gurbani and became enlightened. The Jatha is receiving praise worldwide for his incredible feat in the […]

Videos Go Viral of 50 Lane Traffic Jam in Beijing For Five Hours

This is what happens when people come back from vacation in China and try to get into Beijing. And you thought your puny traffic jams were crazy. Thousands of motorists near a toll station in Beijing were left going nowhere fast as people returned home at the end of the week-long National Day holiday. In […]

Singh Pulls Bus With Only Teeth in China, Locals Amazed (Video)

A Singh in China has impressed the country in a very large feet. He with just his teeth alone pulled a large bus from one point to the next. The Chinese public was amazed to see the Singh had so much power and strength to pull such a large bus. The Singh’s name couldn’t be […]

Native Chinese Sikh Sangat Learns Kirtan (Video)

VIA SIKHNET “Deeply inspired by my late father Bhai Kalyan Singh Ragi, I feel that sharing my knowledge is my seva. I travel worldwide to teach Shabad Kirtan and tablas but it is my first time in China. I was very warmly welcomed. The students show me a lot of respect and have a deep […]

The Forgotten History of Sikh Troops in China

For 55 days, the Boxers laid siege to the heart of Beijing. The rebels, mainly young Chinese farmers and workers, kept more than 400 foreigners holed up in Beijing’s Foreign Legation Quarter. The siege was the dramatic denouement of months of anti-Imperialist and anti-Christian sentiment that swept across China at the turn of the 20th […]

After 72 Years, Sikh and Chinese Troops to Fight Together

India’s joint army exercises with China in early November may be a reunion of sorts for the soldiers involved. Sikh troops will join forces with Chinese soldiers after around 72 years when the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army kick off joint counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism drills in southwest China from November 4 to 14. […]