Sikhs Dominate Dry Fruit Industry of United States

In recent months, several American news media outlets have highlighted the complete dominance of Sikh truck drivers in the United States, but recent statistics also suggest that Sikhs also dominate the dry fruit and fruit industries of the United States. According to the Sikh Pioneer: In Yuba-Sutter County, Sikh farmers account for: 95% of the […]

Sikh Women’s Group Speaks Out Following Grandma Murdering Daughter’s New Born

The grandma of an infant kid suffocated the kid soon after being conceived “to forestall family disgrace,” as per archives documented Thursday in Kern County Superior Court. TUESDAY: BPD investigating possible homicide in Southwest Bakersfield. Here is a picture 23ABC obtained from a neighbor showing what appears to be BPD detectives searching through a large […]

California Woman Drowns 15 Year Old Daughter’s New Born Due to Shame

A California grandma supposedly suffocated her grandson hours after his introduction to the world before enveloping him by a sack and covering him in the patio to ‘avert family disgrace’, court reports state. Beant Kaur Dhillon, 43, is blamed for various charges including first-degree murder after her 15-year-old girl all of a sudden conceived an […]

Sikh Man Establishes Gurdwara at His Truck Stop in America

A news story of 30,000 Sikh trucker drivers joining the American Trucking industry in the last two years has gone viral on social media. The CBS News Story has shown the new face of the American Trucking industry which is a turbaned and bearded Sikh. According to Freightwaves: The U.S. is home to half a […]

Punjabi Father Kills Son’s In laws in Southeast Fresno, California

A Punjabi couple was shot and killed early Sunday morning in the city of Southeast Fresno, California by their son in law’s father. The police confirmed through the home camera footage that the accused Darashan Singh Dhanjan age 65 killed both of his son’s in laws with a gun. The victims named Ravinderpal Singh and […]

American Man Fuels Hate Against Sikhs Calls Sikh Flag “Piece of Sh*T”

Racist American man who fueled hate against the Sikh community in California through a social media video has apologized to the Sikh community. Here is the video: A video recorded from California shows an American man trying to fuel hate against the Sikh community. He ignorantly calls the Sikh flag “piece of Sh*t” and says […]

Unarmed Sikh Clerk Shot Dead in Madera, California

A unarmed Sikh store clerk named Dharam Jassar was shot dead at the Tackle Box gas station in Madera, California by two robbers. The The shooting occurred around 11pm this past Monday. The armed robbers stole cartons of cigarettes and shot the clerk as they headed out. One of the suspects was arrested by the […]

Protest Against the Largest Gurdwara in California

Sikh groups have condemned the support given by the San Jose Gurdwara Sahib to business man Gurbaksh Chahal over protesting against the DA of the county. The Gurdwara Sahib has organized a protest against the DA for being unfair to Gurbaksh Chahal. The Sikh groups are unhappy because they feel community resources are being used […]

Petition Created for ‘Singh and Kaur Park’ in Elk Grove, CA. After Shootings

Following the fatal shooting of two elderly Sikh friends in March 2011, the community gathered for Sikh Solidarity Day in Sacramento, CA, the following month. The event honored victims Surinder Singh, 67, and his friend, 78-year-old Gurmej Atwal, and gave the larger community an opportunity to stand united with the country’s largest Sikh community in […]

2nd Gurdwara in California Might Get Doors Locked Due to Leadership Disputes

While Sikhs are getting killed because of mistaken identity these idiots give a bad name to Sikhi. The Gurdwara Sahib has a history of clashes among the two groups. A fight broke out among 100 people inside the Turlock Gurdwara Sahib earlier in the afternoon between two groups. The members of the Gurdwara told local […]

Sikh Float in Tournament of Roses Parade

The Sikh community from California has championed on the 2nd Sikh float titled “A Sikh-American Journey”. The float has a flower carousel, peacocks, a carving of the State of Punjab in the back, and a Sikh horeseman leading the way. The commentators of the local TV station had wonderful things to say about the Sikh […]

Bay Area Sikhs Face Hate and Backlash After San Bernandino Attacks

2 Incidents on the same day have made Sikhs on guard after the San Bernandino attacks. Many people have mistaken Sikhs for Muslims after recent attacks. There is a serious concern of safety of Sikhs in the United States as people have confused them for Muslims. In the past week, there have been 3 incidents […]