Trailer of New Film on Bhai Taru Singh

Animated movie “Bhai Taru Singh Feel The Divine” is about life of Bhai Taru Singh Ji (1721-1745) who lived during the most trying period for Sikhs. He was a true saint who loved and served the needy without consideration of Cast, Creed or Religion. His saintly demeanor earned him respect of Hindus and Muslims of […]


Born in Amritsar Punjab during the reign of the Mughal Empire, Bhai Taru Singh was raised as a Sikh by his widowed mother. During this time, Sikh revolutionaries were plotting the overthrow of the Mughal governor of Punjab, Zakaria Khan. Bhai Taru Singh and his sister gave food and other aid to the Gursikhs. An […]

Emotional Shaheedi Scene of Bhai Taru Singh Ji (Video)

Never know when someone gets inspired to proudly adorn the Sikhi Saroop again!! excerpt from the most respected landmark Sikh movie ever “Bhai Taru Singh: True Saint. Fearless Soldier”. This clip depicts the final moments before Bah Sahib ji’s scalp was removed on 9th June 1745 and it’s aftermath. Bhai Taru Singh ji remained alive […]

Bhai Taru Singh Film A True Master Piece

A Film based on Bhai Taru Singh’s Shaheedi released in 2009 by Vismaad has been watched and appreciated by thousands. Often times there are films which release a leave an unforgettable impact on the hearts and minds of those who watch them. The Bhai Taru Singh Film is one of those films. A film which […]