Anand Sahib in the Ancient Form of Raga Ramkali (Bhairao-Ung)

Post by Bhai Baldeep Singh. “Anand Sahib (Guru Amar Das) in the ancient form of Raga Ramkali (Bhairao-Ung), finally… The audio is recorded, on the “poor” hardware that gets fitted in quality DSLR’s (and I have a noo ‘un at that [ ], at the Sainik Farm residence of Sardar JP Singh and Neera Kaur […]

Bhai Baldeep Singh Reveals Traditions Lost inside Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji

Powerful Speech by Bhai Baldeep Singh (Wake Up… by dailysikhupdates Bhai Baldeep Singh on his visit to California at Gurdwara Sahib started playing Tabla in an impromptu session and addressed the Sangat. He gave a bit of history lesson and asked Sangat to do more Bhai Baldeep Singh descends from a long lineage of masters […]