“No Such Thing as Dukhbhanjanee Beri” Says Bhai Amrik Singh

Via: Akaal Publishers “Amrik Sinh Chandigarh – turban incident This is not about free speech or having ideological differences – in this video this guy says: 1) Dukhbhanjanee Ber – shouldn’t be called this. Even though this is the name used historically for the tree on one side of the Amritsar Sarovar. The Sarovar is […]

Bhai Amrik Singh’s Claims of Injuries During Gurdwara Incident Refuted

Bhai Amrik Singh told an Akaal Channel reporter that he was hit on the head and neck to which he pointed to during the live interview. The Gurdwara President Gurmail Singh Malhi on Akaal Channel stated that he wasn’t aware of Giani Amrik Singh being hit on the head. He further stated that there was […]