Drunk Mother Tries to Eat 2 Year Old Daughter in West Bengal

A drunk mother in Gopalpur, West Bengal tried to eat her terrified child’s scalp. The woman sliced off and started to eat the scalp of the child until her uncle Dablu heard screams and saved the child. He was shockd to see his sister in law Pramila age 40 trying to cut the toddler’s head […]

How The British Starved 3 Million Bengalis To Death in 1942

A recent book by Madhusuree Mukherjee titled “Churchill’s Secret War,” facts hidden for decades revealed on how the British purposely starved Bengalis to death in 1942. The man made famine resulted in massive deaths due to starvation and malnutrition. There are many reasons why over 3 million Bengalis were starved to death in one of […]