BBC Names a Kaur in Its List of “most badass women in history”

On International Women’s Day, BBC released a list of some of the fearless women in history. The list consisted of women who stood up to oppression and challenges of the time. The list which is titled “most badass women in history” is receiving tremendous attention as it also includes a Sikh woman named Mata Bhag […]

BBC Report on Waris Ahluwalia’s Response to Mexican Airline Incident

“On this day, and each day hereafter we must remember that our struggle against fear and ignorance is fought with love. That is the only way forward for humanity. ‪” Beautiful words from Sikh actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia who was stopped from boarding a plane because he wouldn’t take off his turban. He turned […]

BBC Creates an “iWonder” on Sikh History

The Sikh kingdom a BBC Exclusive Sikhism has a turbulent history. Believers have sometimes needed to fight for the sanctity of their faith and traditions. This faith burst forth from the radical spiritual and social teachings of the Guru Nanak. A new religion demanding equality for all, Sikhism made possible a life without the constraints […]