Sikh Boy Who Hanged Himself Due to Bullying (Video)

Voiceless is a short documentary film based on a schoolboy who hanged himself and left behind a diary of abuse by playground bullies. Vijay Singh’s, 13, bullying went un-noticed for a long time before he decided it had come to a stage where he could not take it any more. He also wrote a chilling […]

Indian Govt Response to Sikh Boy Being Called “Terrorist” in America (Video)

Indian Govt officials respond to the Sikh boy being called “Terrorist” in Georgia. New Delhi, March 03 (ANI): India on Tuesday condemned racial attack against a Sikh boy in the US state of Georgia and called for action by the government of India as well as the US over the same. A young Sikh boy […]

Singh Speaks Out on National American TV (Video)

A New Yorker named Vishvajit Singh spoke out against racial intolerance in America on National American television. This Singh has launched a number of events and has committed himself to spreading awareness about Sikhs in the United States. A number of incidents in his life has reshaped his thinking and independently made him spread awareness. […]

Sikhs Gets First Place in Religious Division at Christmas Parade (Video)

Sikhs of the Bakersfield community get first place in the religious division at the Annual Christmas Day parade in Bakersfield a Town in the United States. Sikhs came out with a wonderfully decorated float and the Sikh Riders of America came riding on their bikes. The Sikh community contributes a lot to the town with […]

Sikh Files Federal Law Suit Against USA Army (Video)

With only three Sikhs serving in the U.S. military, Hofstra University sophomore Iknoor Singh is challenging the Army to change its policies and allow him to enlist in the ROTC with the beard, turban, and long hair he keeps in accordance with his religion. Two US-based rights groups have filed a lawsuit against the US […]

Powerful Kirtan Inside City Hall of American City (Video)

Resolution 2734 THE CITY OF HARVEY COOK COUNTY, IL A RESOLUTION TO RECOGNIZE THE NOVEMVER 1984 ANTI-SIKH VIOLENCE IN INDIA AS “GENOCIDE” WHEREAS, The City of Harvey is in support of this resolution to recognize the intentional, deliberate, and systematic killing of Sikhs in India during November 1984 as “Genocide” as defined under the laws […]