When a Sikh Rescued a Pakistani Woman During 1971 War

During the 1971 war against Pakistan in Bangladesh, General Jagjit Singh Arora and the Sikhs made a 90,000 strong Pakistani army surrender without any causalities. The Singhs shouting Jaikare (Sikh Slogan) Bole So Nihal ! Sat Sri Akal approached the war site. After looking at the Sikhs and hearing the Jaikare the Pakistani General A. […]

Rare Footage of Sikhs Celebrating After Winning 1971 War

Fast forward Video to 42:50 to See Celebration: Rare Video of Sikhs Winning 1971 War Against… by dailysikhupdates Surrender of Pakistan On December 16, 1971, a day familiar to every Bangladeshi, Aurora accepted the surrender of Pakistani forces led by General Niazi. The signing of theĀ documentĀ ended the war, and led to the formation of Bangla […]

Never Before Seen Footage of Sikhs Celebrating After Winning 1971 War

See Footage Below General Jagjit Singh Arora Made 90,000 Pakistani Soldiers Surrender without firing a single bullet. Lt-Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora Indian Eastern Army commander in 1971 Early career Jagjit Singh Aurora was born into a Sikh family, he was the son of an engineer in Jhelum, in what is now Pakistan. He was commissioned […]