Survey Shows Hindu Americans Attend Gurdwaras in Larger Numbers Than Hindu Temples

Sikh Survey Center of the United States has released figures which shows Hindu Americans attend Gurdwaras in larger numbers than Hindu Temples. The main reason for the larger population of Hindu Americans attending Gurdwaras is due to there being more Gurdwaras than Hindu Temples in the areas surveyed.

In the survey, the respondents stated that due to being near the vicinity of a Gurdwara relative to a Hindu Temple, they were more likely to attend the Gurdwara as it was closer.

Out of the 1,000 respondents, 72% stated that since a nearby Gurdwara is close to their house, they attend the Gurdwara more frequently, and a Hindu Temple occasionally.

The higher number of Gurdwaras has made it easier for Hindu Americans to worship god in the United States due to a large Sikh population. The respondents were surveyed in California, New York, and Texas.

Historically, Hindus in general have attended Gurdwaras in massive numbers and in some communities in New York City, there are actually more Hindus attending then Sikhs.

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