The Supreme Court will determine whether Sikhs are a minority or a majority in the state of Punjab. The decision comes after a case filed by the SGPC to allow separate educational institutions for the Sikh community so that their culture and language can be maintained. According to current law, only minorities are allowed to have separate institutions. Currently, the school runs by the SGPC have to allow for a significant enrollment of non-Sikhs.

The Supreme court has also sought the centre’s opinion on the issue on whether the Sikh community should be treated as a minority in the state they have a majority of 60 to 40.

The matter came before the supreme court after the High Court rejected the status citing they weren’t under threat by other communities in the state.

Chief Justice T S Thakur told the Economic Times:

Chief Justice T S Thakur “Can Muslims in Kashmir and Sikhs in Punjab and Christians in Nagaland be treated as minority,” he asked.

The decision will come in four weeks.

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