The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a petition asking for direction to ban nearly five thousand websites displaying jokes on the Sikh community.

Harvinder Chowdhury has filed a petition requesting the Supreme Court to ban nearly five thousand websites which carry jokes on the Sikh community, India Today reported on Friday.

A bench headed by Justice T S Thakur on Friday agreed to hear a PIL filed by a woman lawyer who pleaded that there are more than 5000 websites on jokes on Sikhs projecting the members of the community in poor light, the Times of India reports.

The lawyer wanted to know why only Sikhs were projected as foolish and low in intellect. She pleaded the court to intervene to ban such jokes.

The PIL has been filed by Harvinder Chowdhury who feels that it’s high time such insulting jokes were banished from the internet. While this case is the first of its kind in Delhi, it isn’t the first time the Sikh community has lodged protest, as reported by India Today.

A Mumbai-based publisher was arrested in 2007 for publishing a Santa Banta book which contained derogatory remarks on Sikhs.

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