“SuperFan” Nav Bhatia Getting Ready for Big Tedx Talk (Video)

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Nav Bhatia, standing in his office above the Mississauga Hyundai dealership he owns, tells a story about an encounter with a customer 30 years ago, when he first started as a salesman.

“He refused to deal with me, this white guy. He says, ‘I don’t want to deal with this Paki,’” recalls Bhatia. “That’s the way it was then.”

Bhatia is one of the speakers at this year’s TEDx Toronto. In his talk, he’ll tell stories about his life and about his passion, which is, in his words, “to bring the Sikhs to the mainstream.”

Most people who know him, know him as the “Raptors’ Superfan,” the turbaned man seen front and centre at every Raptor’s home game since the team was formed in 1995.

He now knows the players, coaches, refs and that other high-profile Raptors fan, Drake.

He’s spent millions bringing groups from diverse religions and races to the games to bond over their enjoyment of basketball. He’s also deeply involved in charities and community events and his ads are a fixture on billboards and AM radio.

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