Super Fan Nav Bhatia Gives POWERFUL TedX Talk in Toronto (Video)

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Toronto has been named the most multicultural city in the world, yet many of the immigrants to the city still encounter racism long after they’ve arrived. Nav Bhatia moved to Toronto in the 1984, and after overcoming significant prejudice and obstacles as a Sikh, today he boasts successful business enterprises and the coveted title of “Superfan” of the Toronto Raptors. The message in Nav’s TEDxToronto talk is one of hope and inspiration, as he urges us all to use our passions to rise above discrimination to allows us to excel both as individuals and as a city.

Nav Bhatia is known as the Official Raptor`s Superfan, and recently was given the title Raptor`s South Asian Community Ambassador working alongside superstar Drake. Nav owns 2 Hyundai dealerships, Mississauga and Rexdale, with Mississauga recently awarded number one Hyundai volume dealer in Canada. He is heavily involved in bringing Bollywood to the Non Resident Indians and through his love of basketball and his business Nav looks to change the perception of Sikhs to the mainstream audience.

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