Super Emotional Song “Sahibzadean Da Viah” Finally Released (Video)

A song called “Sahibzadean Da Viah” which was released on Punjabi networks last year has been finally released on YouTube.

Char Sahibzade, (“char” means four and “sahibzade” refers to the sons or scions, young men of genteel birth) is a term endearingly used for the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh, all of whom became martyrs while still very young.

Their names are reverently preserved in Sikh memory and are recalled every time Sikh ardas or prayer of supplication is recited at a congregation or privately by an individual.

The martyrdom of the four sahibzade is an important part of Sikh history and the occasion of their martyrdom is remembered and commemorated both with great vigor and very acute sadness, by large numbers of Sikhs, every year in December by the Sikh Sangat (holy congregation).

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