A trailer of Sunny Deol’s new film Mohalla Assi has caused outrage among the Hindu community for defaming Hindu gods. The Hindus took to social networks to express their anger.

Here are some of the comments:

Rajat Gulati 20 hours ago
Too funny trailer but insulting

veer shah 15 hours ago
This is HEIGHTS now!
I think it has become a trend in Bollywood to insult Hindu sentiments . Didn’t expected such Kind of movie specially from Sunny deol.

EdTheHyena 17 hours ago
Good luck trying to get a pass from the censor board and the unavoidable riots incase it gets passed.
Good luck dealing with such shit.
Good luck in advance.

ishan malhotra 38 minutes ago (edited)
The beauty of India or being Hindu is liberty to express ourselves but this movie has gone far beyond in insulting … just wonder if someone has made movie about Islam mentioning their god or holy place in same perspective… Sunny deol would have been a dead man

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