Sunny Deol Issues Statement on Farmer Protests and Deep Sidhu

Sunny Deol issued a statement on the recent farmer protests in India and commented about his relations with Deep Sidhu. Deep Sidhu has stated that the statement was prepared by the BJP and Sunny Deol copied and pasted what he was given.

English Translation of statement:

“I am pleading with the whole world that this is a matter of the farmer and our government. No one should come in the middle of it, because both will negotiate and find a solution, I know many people want to take advantage of it and those people are creating obstacles. He is not thinking about farmers at all, he may have his own selfishness.

Deep Sidhu, who was with me at the time of election, has not been with me for a long time, whatever he is saying and doing is doing it as per his wish, I have nothing to do with any of his activities. I am with my party and the farmers and will always be with the farmers. Our government has always thought about the welfare of the farmers and I am sure that the government will come to the right conclusion after talking with them.”

Deep Sidhu’s response to Sunny Deol’s statement:

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