AAP chides Harsimrat Badal for displaying extreme dichotomy and brazen shamelessness over SYL issue, dares her to quit cabinet if she is genuinely concerned about Punjab waters :- Khaira

The old quote of extreme hypocrisy “to carry fire in one hand and water in the other” befittingly applies to one of the greatest opportunist leader Harsimrat Badal, who is playing brazen double standard politics over the contentious issue of SYL canal.

She issued a statement yesterday accusing opposition parties of adopting double standards on the SYL canal matter, completely forgetting her role as a Cabinet Minister in the Modi government, which is going all out to ensure early completion of the SYL canal.

As we are aware, Sh. Ranjit Kumar the Solicitor General India arguing on behalf of the Modi government in the Supreme Court has vehemently supported early completion of the SYL canal, while on the other hand the octogenarian beleaguered father in law of Harsimrat Badal, Sh. Badal has denotified the 5300 acres of land acquired for the construction of SYL canal.

Herein lies the dichotomy of the Badal clan over the burning issue of SYL canal, AAP is of the firm opinion that either of the Badals i.e. Harsimrat Kaur or Sh. Badal, must clarify which of their political stances is correct? Is the stand of Modi government that supports early completion of SYL canal correct, to which Harsimrat owes collective responsibility as a Cabinet Minister, or is the stand taken by Sh. Badal in the Punjab assembly denotifying the SYL acquisition correct?

The Badals are advised not to “run with the hare and hunt with the hound”. Therefore, AAP dares Harsimrat Kaur not to indulge in brazenly shameless politics of dichotomy and if she really supports her party’s view on the SYL issue, she must first quit as Cabinet Minister from the Modi government that is over enthusiastic in constructing the SYL canal, so that Punjab waters can be given to non riparian states like Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira


Sukhpal Khaira Explains Punjab Water Situation

Posted by Daily Sikh Updates on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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