Pictures of Sukhjit Singh Khose went viral on social media which make him look like a Nirmal Sant or RSS look alike. The photos were seen very widely shared on social media but without any caption or where the pictures were taken.

Sukhjit Singh while protesting the murder of Joga Singh spoke out against the allegations of being part of the RSS. He stated that it’s important to know the context behind the pictures before any allegations or accusations are placed.

He stated that in August of 2013 at Thane Talwandi Chadurian no Sikh was allowed inside a place he wanted to speak against a place in Nawa Chak that had the parkash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Ramayan at equal level. He said heavy security was always present and no Sikh groups were allowed in the vicinity. He said he had to dress up as to know for himself the antiSikh activities that were taking place.

Sukhjit Singh went onto say that it was important for him to change his look so that he can investigate the matter. Sukhjit was later arrested on the same day for infiltrating the event. He says the pictures were taken of him at the local police station.

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