Nanak Shah Fakir a movie based upon the whole life story and Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Message From the maker:

“I realized my co-existence with Nanak as a friend in childhood days but somehow let the veil of glitter overshadow His omnipresence. After retiring from the Indian Navy prematurely, I came to the civil world to get a first hand account of the so-called greener pastures. By the time I turned 52, I had risen admirably to enjoy all the luxuries of the materialistic world, but the vacuum within grew bigger. I had forgotten Him but He had not. It was His Grace that the urge within took me to Nankana Sahib in October 2004 and changed the course of my life. ”

Nanak Shah Fakir will become the first film to portray the story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the silver screen. The music was composed by Uttam Singh and has reflected the theme of the film.

The film has already been shown at major film festivals where it’s received a tremendous response.

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