Study: Certain Blood Groups at Higher Risk of Covid-19

A new Chinese study has shown that people with certain blood types are more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. The researchers studied blood sample of about 2,173 patients and the disease and found that blood group O has the highest chance of recovering relative to the other blood groups.

The blood group data was compared with 3,694 healthy people in Wuhan and 23,386 people in Shenzhen.

The study finds Via: NewsWeek :

“Of the 3,694 people in Wuhan without COVID-19, 32.16 percent were A type, 24.90 percent B, 9.10 percent AB, and 33.84 percent O.

However, in the 1,775 COVID-19 patients at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, the spread was 37.75 percent for type A, 26.42 percent B, 10.03 percent for AB and 25.80 percent O.

In Shenzhen, 28.77 percent of healthy participants were A; 25.14 percent B, 7.32 percent AB, and 38.77 percent O.

Othe 285 Shenzhen patients with the disease, 28.77 percent were A, 29.12 percent B, 13.68 percent AB, and 28.42 percent O.”

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