Student Shoots Dead Principal in Yamuna Nagar

A Student armed with a gun went inside Swami Vivekanand School and into the office of Principal Ritu Chhabra and shot her four times. The victim succumbed to her death on the spot in Yamuna Nagar. The student Class XII attendee at the school in Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar this past Saturday.

The student came inside the office of the prinicpal and reportedly shot her dead due to being questioned on low attendance. According to the police, the 18 year old boy carried a licensed revolver owned by his father.

The bullet wounds were one on her face, arm, third on her chest, and 4th in her abdomen. The boy made sure she died as he struck her at her vital organs. Parents of another boy were inside the office while the shooting occurred who grabbed hold of the boy

Students who knew the boy have come forward to say that the boy had a grudge against the prinicpal for being constantly scolded on multiple occassions.

The preliminary investigation suggested that the accused was not good at studies and bore a grudge against Ms. Chhabra who had scolded the student on a few occasions for this.

The father of the boy went missing following the shooting.

A video of the incident has went viral on social media.

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