The Strongest Punjabi in the World Revealed (Video)

This punjabi by the name of Ankit Singh could possibly be the strongest Punjabi in the world. He’s passed impressive 700lb squat mark and currently no other Punjabi in the world has hit this mark. There could possibly be more Punjabis who are impressive weight lifters but no other person has come forward.
In foreign Countries more and more Punjabi Gabrus are coming back to shape by taking advantage of the facilities they couldn’t find in Punjab. It’s been known for a long time that Punjabis are among the strongest people on the planet but the last 50 years no Punjabi came out front in the mainstream until now.

Now, a number of Gyms created by Sikh Youth themselves are popping up around the world especially in England. Thanks to a local Gurdwara a Gym called Sarbloh Gym was created and now the youth are having monthly body building competitions.

Here is a quote by Ankit Singh on the Squat: “Do not underestimate the pause squat. My squats have gone up a lot because of them and became more explosive. Just about all my sets and reps are all done with a pause. I usually just only post the top sets which are not pause. I usually squat for around 2 hours twice a week.”

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