These beautiful brave little girls along with their father Bhai Mohar Singh Ji and their mother Bibi Pritam Kaur Ji attained Shaheedi in June 1984.


Our little sisters, Bibi Satnam Kaur and Bibi Vaheguru Kaur were just 8 and 6 years old when they sacrificed their lives defending Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Their whole family had converted to Sikhi. When the Indian army attacked Sri Harmandir Sahib in 1984, the family held their positions until the tanks came into the parakarma (walk way around Sri Harmandir Sahib).

On 6th June, Bhai Mohar Singh Ji made his final Ardas to Guru Sahib and he along with his little daughters and Singhni became shaheed under an army tank, stopping the army tank in its tracks.

When we visit Harmandir Sahib, as beautiful and peaceful as it is, take some time to pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many of our brothers and sisters so that we can call ourselves Sikh today.

Via Kaur’s Corner

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