Over 30 years ago the Delhi Genocide occured where thousands of innocent Sikhs lost their lives. For the first time since then, a mother and her 2 children left their house for the first time since 1984.

After a court order that was petitioned by husband Joginder Singh, police arrived at the house to forcibly remove the mother Nirmal Kaur, daughter Kamaljeet Kaur, and son Inderpal Singh to a mental asyum in Amritsar.

According to reports, the tramuatized daughter had a small knife in her hand which she threatened to use if anyone touched her.

The husband told reporters that the 1984 horror left the 3 family members traumatized and mentally disturbed.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate Puja Agnihotri ordered the removal of the family and to be registered into a mental health ward in Amritsar for treatment.

The husband Joginder Singh was working in Allahabad when the massacre of 1984 broke out and his family was staying with his brother in law who was an NRI.

Joginder Singh stated he visited the family often through the years and provided household needs but the wife and children refused to leave the house stating they had fear the’d be killed.

Joginder Singh’s wife never allowed him to stay inside and stated his wife’s condition became worse as time went on. They family was living without electricity for 4 years and finally petitioned the court to take action.

He was emotional when his children and wife were taken away by the police.

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