The story of Shera Khuban is another story of young boys from good households turning into gangsters. Shera Khuban was once a great shot putt athlete who got into the crime world from college. After unfair results at a shot putt tournament, he was beaten up by about 15 boys. He wanted to seek revenge and made alias with the wrong people who beat up the person that was responsible for Shera’s injuries.

This was the start of the Shera Khuban entering the crime world. The men who helped him wanted favors from Shera which led him further in committing crimes. Things turned a different direction after he met known gangster by the name of Jaswinder Singh Rocky.

The parents of Shera Khuban say that their son was a good boy but after going to Jalandhar for sports training he met with the wrong people and things turned into a terrible direction and they couldn’t bring their son back from the crime world.

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