Punjabi singer Karam% Anmol has landed himself in some controversy following the release of his song “Pied Vikau Hal”.

A Punjabi man from New York (USA) named Haninder Singh called Karamjit Anmol to question him on which village was for sale in Punjab and why he was sending out a wrong message to the people of Punjab.

Firstly Harjinder Singh speaks to a colleague of Karamjit who then gives Karamjit’s personal number. When Haninder calls Karamjit, he says this is the story of all of Punjab but when ased about Doaba and Mahva area, he responds that those are rich areas it doesn’t happen there and the phone cuts off. Upon recalling.

The caller asks which village in Mafia is for sale. but Karamjit says ask the writer of the song. he seen a board of a village for sale and wrote a song accordingly

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