Stalker of Kamaljit Who Terrorized and Forced Her to Suicide Let out of Jail Early

A man named Ryan Dey from Oldbury, UK, the ex-boyfriend of Kamaljit Sidhu who was terrorized by him and committed suicide by jumping off an M6 bridge has been released early from jail.


The Birmingham Court jailed Dey for 2 years after pleading guilty to harassment but Kamaljit’s family has informed the stalker has been released early.

Ryan Dey stalked Kamaljit obsessively despite Kamaljit telling him the relationship was over.

The Birmingham Mail reported:

The court was told that Dey sat outside Kamaljit’s Great Barr home in the early hours of the morning, rang her day and night, followed her into a restaurant where she was forced to hide under a table and hacked into her Facebook account.

Speaking after Dey was jailed, mum Sarbjit Sidhu said: “Does Ryan Dey really realise the damage he has inflicted on my beloved Kam, me and my family? We will never forget our baby Kam. I was unable to see her for the last time when she was put to rest and that has been difficult to deal with.

“As a mother and a family we want the world to know this can never be allowed to happen again, I do not want anyone else to go through what we have. Our lives have stopped and we can’t breathe.”

“In our minds no sentence would have been long enough. The police and legal system need to be trained and understand more deeply how to deal with similar situations. My Kam suffered in silence and no one else should do the same. If only she knew about the work of the National Stalking Helpline.”

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