St.Gregorious School Delhi Issues Apology Over Calling Sikhs ‘Militants’

The St.Gregorious School, Dwarka has issued an apology for calling Guru Gobind Singh a militant. The school told the JAGO Party that the exam was based on a book which stated such terms of Sikhs and Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. The JAGO Party’s Manjit Singh GK stated that he will look to get the book banned all over India.

Manjit Singh GK broke the news on social media:

” The principal of St.Gregorious School,Dwarka have an apology letter to the JAGO Party, to the delegation leafy by S.Punpreet Singh (president Youth Wing) for unintentionally hurting the Sikh Faith and assured action against the teachers and such will never be repeated “

Press Conference by S. Manjit Singh GK

Posted by Manjit Singh GK on Monday, March 2, 2020

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