Head Granthi of Sri Harmandar Sahib was questioned for why he gave Indian PM Modi a Siropa. The Head Granthi responded by saying “I will even give Massa Rangar Siropa.” The outrageous comment by the granthi to give Massa Rangar a siropa isn’t being taken lightly on social media. Many are calling an immediate resignation of the Head Granthi.

The Granthi tried to avoid the questions and headed towards his vehicle but the Singh refused to back down and continued to ask his questions.

The Granthi stated, “It’s an SGPC issue go and question them.” However, the Singh answered back by saying, “But you are equally responsible as you were the one to put the siropa over him.”

The video has gone viral on social networks.

Granthi Grilled Over Giving Modi Siropa by dailysikhupdates

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