A representative of the Sri Chand Udaisan group issued a statement via a video on social media condemning the ‘Naryan Das’ video of derogatory comments against the 5th Sikh Guru.

The Sri Chand groups have become outraged as in the video the photo of Sri Chand can be seen in the background. The representative stated he’d spoken to all of them Udaisi Saints and they have all condemned the video.

The following statement was issued in the video:

The man ‘Naryan Das’ is not related to the Sri Chand and Udaisi groups. The photo in the background of the video is to fool people into thinking the Sri Chand group is involved with the terrible mindset of this man. The purpose of the background image appears was put purposely to cause a rift between the Khalsa Panth and the followers of the Udaisi. It’s a “drama” that’s being done to cause conflicts among the two groups.

The Khalsa Panth and the Udaisi group have great relations and certain forces want to cause divide. The appearance of ‘Naryan Das’ doesn’t match that of the Udaisi groups and attire. They do not wear such clothes, tilak, and often have a ear ring in one of the ears.

The head Mahant of the Udaisi group Mahant Mahatama Muni stated:
The man is not a member of the Udaisi group and whomsosever gives address of ‘Naryan Das’ will be given 50,000 rupees from the head of the Udaisi groups.

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