Special War Memorial For Sikh Soldiers Needs Donations

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Who Are We?

First and foremost we’re passionate about British Sikh military history and heritage.

That’s the key thing for us – our story as the successful descendants of a migrant community is based on a legacy created by our forebears as devout hardworking and honest Sikhs, who fought for justice and against tyranny.  The image of them paying tribute at the tomb of the unknown warrior (above) shows how they were held in such high esteem.

When the First World War broke out, nearly 130,000 Sikh combat troops were sent to every corner of the conflict.  To put that into context that’s more people than could fill Wembley Stadium, and a greater number than the current British Army.

We feel it’s important to remember our ancestors contribution and promote their heroics.  While this is a story we all believe in wholeheartedly, it’s lamentable that there is no national memorial dedicated to their memory and sacrifices.

That’s why the “Sikhs At War” project is bringing together a team of professional British Sikhs – including members of the Armed Forces – to create an everlasting memorial.

The “WW1 Sikh Memorial Fund” will set up and administer the UK’s first national memorial to Sikhs who served during the First World War – and it’ll be funded via Kickstarter by grassroots supporters – YOU.

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