Special Show on Sikhs To Air on National American Television (Video)

A Singh named Simranjeet Singh has revealed that a special program on Sikhs will be premiered on the largest television network of the United States called CBS. The episode airing on Sunday will reveal Sikhs to the general public on National Television right after the largest sports event of the week. Sikhs around the nation are excited to watch this premiere which will showcase the basic tenants and philosophies of Sikhism.


Photo Credit: Natalie Baxter

The Singh involved in this project has done various efforts to raise awareness of Sikh individually. He is part of the “Surat Initiative” which recently held a Turban Day in NYC where they tied hundreds of turbans on many individuals in an effort to raise awareness of Sikhs. The time of the show can be found Here: CBS Sikh Special.

This show is very important as a good size of the American population will hear the Sikh story for the very first time. The major problem Sikhs have faced in the United States is the lack of awareness of efforts, but things are starting to change. A handful of Sikh organizations have joined together to let the American public hear the Sikh story in their communities and already change can be witnessed.

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