“Special 26” Type Robbery in Ludhiana (Video)

LUDHIANA: The case of Special 7 – where burglars looted lakhs of rupees from the house of reputed sweet shop owner in the posh area of Sarabha Nagar – has brought to the fore the fact that Ludhiana police is pretty bad in solving burglary cases.

According to the police data of burglary assessed by the Times of India, number of such cases, which includes theft at homes during day and night along with robbery, has kept on increasing.

For the record, as many as 198 burglary cases were registered in 2012, which increased to 222 in 2013. And in the first 10 months of the current year, the number stands at 196. There is also a huge gap between the solved and unsolved cases. A total of 74, 77, 76 cases have been solved in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Police sources, too, admit that it is not a good sign that around 2/3 of the burglary cases lie unsolved and it also boosts the morale of the criminals. They added that what’s more shocking is the fact that police have failed to solve such cases in the areas where they claim good police presence, including Sarabha Nagar, Model Town, BRS Nagar, Dugri, Civil Lines, Rajguru Nagar, among others.

This has also forced the residents to demand for more vigil and better policing network.

Ravi Sharma, a social activist, said: “If there is this big gap in number of solved burglary cases, it suggests that there is problem with its network. They need to bring people closer so that they get proper feedback, which helps in solving such cases. It is very much possible”.

On Sunday morning, a gang of seven fraudsters followed the film script of Special 26 Bollywood movie. Posing as a team from income tax department, they carried out a robbery of about Rs.12 lakhs from a reputed sweet shop owner Ashok Kumar Gupta’s house.

Commenting on the rising burglary cases, Ludhiana police commissioner Promod Ban said, “We need to build the database to start managing this crime. People should also start registering their servants and tenants”.
source TOI

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