Southall Gurdwara Head Clearly Explains Why There is No Such Thing as Interfaith Anand Karaj

Giani Gurbax Singh Gulshan who is one of the leaders of the Southall Gurdwara Sahib states there is no such thing as an interfaith Anand Karaj. He further stated that those who don’t follow and practice the Sikh Rehat Maryada can’t engage in Sikh ceremonies.

He gave clarity of the Sikh code of conduct and clearly explained why a non-Sikh can’t engage in an Anand Karaj ceremony.

He states:

That person who went around Guru Granth Sahib Ji four times, is he a Sikh? Who doesn’t accept Guru Granth Sahib Ji as his Guru, Is he a Sikh?

If I say there is lot of happening within our community which doesn’t mean it’s according to our religion. Have we educated our children from day 1? If we educate our children from day 1 than they will not question these ceremonies if they only know about our codes of conduct.

Are our Gurdwaras taking our code of conduct to the Sangat? Which Gurdwara teaches about Sikh Rehat Maryada? Our parents should take the responsiblity of teaching our Gurus teachings to our children and than they will follow it. If we never told them anything and they grew up in a different society and they went toward the wrong direction. The children go towards a direction which Sikhi doesn’t approve. The parents are caught in a difficult situation.

If a person whether born to Sikh parents doesn’t follow teachings than even he/she shouldn’t be allowed to have an Anand Karaj.

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