What a Song! “Ameer Zaade” Difference Between Rich and Poor (Video)

Rabaab Productions presenting a new punjabi song “Ameer Zaade” by “Justin Bumrah” Music Given By “Pankaj Ahuja” & Lyrics Penned By “Kahlon Avtar”.

Poverty and plenty are realities of life. . Says the Guru in this Shabad, “No one respects the poor. No matter how hard the poor man tries, the rich ignore him. When the poor man goes to the rich man, the latter turns his back on him. When the rich man goes to the poor man, the latter welcomes him warmly and offers him a seat with respect.” (GGS p. 1159) Yet, the Guru continually associates Himself with the poor (the gareeb), for it is amongst the poverty stricken, the gareeb, that humility and respect for life is found. It is through the “experience” of poverty that one learns humility. That “experience” may be real experience in life; or, as in the case of Guru Nanak, in may be “felt” as a reality of human existence.
Guru Nanak was born in a high caste and well-to-do business family. He discarded the Hindu sacred thread (jeneiu) symbolising high caste and associated himself with the poor, the gareeb. Therefore, in His Shabads, Nanak refers to Himself as gareeb. In fact he wanted to be called “Nanak, the gareeb”. He empathised with the condition of the poor. Gareeb also means “humble” and the Guru used the word in both senses.

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