Son of Hari Singh Nalwa Followed in His Father’s Footsteps

Hari Singh Nalwa had four sons. After the death of Hari Singh Nalwa, the brothers started quarrelling among themselves for the property share. Maharaja Ranjit Singh confiscated major portion of the property (worth over 5 lakhs) and distributed 19,600 rupees to the brothers.

One of the Sons Jawahar Singh Nalwa was a brave warrior and fought in second Anglo Sikh war, his property was confiscated by British in 1849. Two other brothers also fought during the Anglo Sikh war.

During 1857 revolt most of the Sikh Sardars were very willing to help East India Company. Jawahar Singh also helped and was appointed Risaldar in the 1st Sikh Cavalry raised by the British after the abrogation of Sikh rule.

He saw action at Lucknow, Kanpur and at several other places. In 1859, he was rewarded with jagirs for his services and, in 1862, was made an honorary magistrate at Gujrawala. Jawahar Singh died in 1877.

Source ; Dr Harbans Singh and Lipen Griffins. Researched by Inderjeet Singh of Nottingham, UK

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