From Socialite to a Sikh, Split With Sikh Husband, but Spreading Sikhi

Many people in Punjab are claiming the once socialite turned into a Sikh Alexandra Aitken who is the daughter of a British politician could be a spy due to her behavior.

British media quoted a Punjabi newspaper claiming Ms. Aitken’s behavior as being odd and under suspicion. However, this isn’t true and the truth is that she has been living in Anandpur Sahib after splitting with her Nihang Singh husband.

Alexandra converted to Sikh after marrying Sikh warrior Inderjot Singh. She met her Sikh husband at a yoga retreat in Amritsar and became Uttrang Kaur Khalsa after she got to know about the Sikh faith. They had an Anand Karaj in Amritsar but reports indicate the marriage wasn’t officially registered under the law.

The family of Alexandra has told British media of her split but maintained she is happy being a Sikh.

Reports indicate the rift between the two started to occur after Alexandra didn’t show up at the magistrate to register the marriage and nor at Inderjot’s father’s funeral.

Alexandra is still a committed Sikh and has been photographed in bana(Dress) of the Khalsa.

She is the lone western person in Anandpur Sahib and police have been checking on her to see if she’s alright.

After her Father’s statement that she wasn’t married, Alexandra filled a foreigner’s registration form where she put herself as ‘unmarried’.

Apparently, the ex-socialite has become very environmentally conscious as she looks to preserve water and electricity as much as possible according to the hotel workers where she currently lives.

A sevadar at Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib told a reporter that Alexandra split with her Nihang husband and found peace at the Gurdwara Sahib where she visits daily.

Before learning about the Sikh faith, Alexandra was a party girl in London and once posed naked for a major fashion magazine. Now, she actively helps spread awareness of Sikh principles in various websites.

You can read the British Media Article Here: Alexandra Aitken

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