A news went viral on social media about a song being shot at the newly constructed plaza at Sri Harmandar Sahib where an actress was shooting a dance song. The story created an outrage on social media which finally caught the attention of the SGPC. The SGPC now has put a stop to such shootings where religious sentiments get hurt.

Earlier Story:

A dance song for an upcoming Punjabi film directed by Mandeep Kumar was shot at the Sri Harmandar Sahib Plaza. A Hollywood actress who appeared on Indian reality shows recently named Lauaren was seen dancing on the Plaza. The scene saw several re-takes of her doing different types of dance moves on the newly constructed plaza which leads to Sri Harmandar Sahib.



The devotees were shocked to see that a dance sequence for a film shooting was being done at Sri Harmandar Sahib. However, not even a single SGPC member came over to stop the sacrilege from happening. The act reminded many of what Massa Rangar did at Sri Harmandar Sahib by having girls dance at the blissful shrine.

There were several SGPC members on the premises who appeared to enjoy the dance and did absolutely nothing to stop the sacrilege. The film producers have stated they got the permission to do the shooting by the administration.

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