Six Year Old Girl Prevented from Wearing Kirpan to School in UK

LONDON: A six-year-old Sikh young lady has been restricted from wearing the kirpan to her elementary school in the United Kingdom after an objection from other understudies’ folks who wouldn’t convey their kids to the school over wellbeing worries, as indicated by a media report. The young lady conveyed the kirpan to the Redscope Primary School in Rotherham, England recently, the Telegraph wrote about Wednesday.

Kirpans are one of five articles of confidence – known as “the five Ks” – that Sikhs are told to wear consistently to exhibit their religious confidence.

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One parent grumbled: “I’m heartbroken at the same time, religion or not, a kid’s wellbeing and security starts things out.”

Another stated: “Most young ladies are not permitted to wear make-up in school, don’t worry about it convey a weapon.”

In the letter sent to guardians, Paula Dobbin, the head-instructor of the school, clarified that the kirpan is a “religious decoration” worn by Sikhs. “The thing isn’t sharp, and is frequently worn in schools by offspring of the Sikh confidence across the nation,” she said.

“In any case, having addressed the guardians of the kid concerned, they have concurred that the kid will never again wear this thing in school.

“The family are new to class and need to be a piece of the Redscope family. They are sharp their girl can make companions and be part out of our school network,” she said.

“Worries about this issue made various you defer bringing your kids into school. I console you there is no purpose behind you not to convey your youngsters to class,” she included.

Be that as it may, a few remarks made by guardians about the occurrence are currently being examined by the police as potential loathe wrongdoings, the report included.

An examination is being completed.

A representative for the South Yorkshire Police stated: “Police know that a religious kirpan was brought into the school by a six-year-old student.”

“Nearby neighborhood officers keep on working intimately with the school, giving counsel and consolation and conversing with guardians.”

“There are no more extensive defending concerns and no wrongdoing has been accounted for. Various remarks via web-based networking media have been accounted for to us as race-related despise wrongdoing, following this circumstance‚Ķ South Yorkshire Police might want to remind the open that detest wrongdoing of any sort isn’t endured.

“An examination concerning the remarks is in progress.”

The Department for Education does not have focal rules on school outfits and religious things. It is down to singular head-instructors to set their school’s arrangement.

The line comes as the British government this week declared that an alteration to the “Hostile Weapons Bill” has gotten the regal consent. This implies Sikhs will be permitted to convey kirpans in the UK, and use them amid religious and social capacities.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs had battle for kirpans to stay excluded as weapons when the new Bill ends up confirmed.


In the UK under the Criminal Justice Act 1989, individuals are permitted to convey cutting edges for religious reasons, the report included.

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