Sippy Gill Writes Apology, Song to be Removed

After Protest and tremendous dislike of his new song, Sippy Gill has written an apology for the violent song. Sippy Gill states the video will be removed and that for his audience he has taken this step as it’s hurt many people. Sippy says he apologizes to Guru Granth Sahib ji for what he did and wants people to forgive him.

sippy gill 1

Sippy Gill’s new song has upset many people in Punjab and overseas as it promotes violence and gives wrong image to youth. People are particularly unhappy due to the extensive violent scenes shown in the song. Many Singhs worldwide have expressed outrage as they want to see a peaceful drug free Punjab. Punjab has been suffering many major problems such as the drugs and disease. These types of songs promote an unethical path and many are feeling the youth should be guided towards a better tomorrow and these types of songs have the wrong influence. Much of Punjab’s modern culture gets driven by the music youngster’s listen to.

You Can watch the Song Here: SONG

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