The founder of Singh Street Style Pardeep Singh Bahra of an online Magazine and model for major fashion brands was met with racist who called him ISIS. However, Singh Street Style turned the negative situation into a positive by educating the man on Sikhs.

The incident ended up having a positive ending by both sides exchanging hugs and wishing well for each other.

Pardeep Singh Bahra of Street Style wrote in social media:

“So yesterday I was walking down the streets of New York with a friend of mine who also happens to be a Singh.
We walked past two men who were trying to sell us their Hip Hop CD, we kindly declined their offer.

They responded by calling us ‘ISIS’ and telling us there are bombs in our turbans.

It would have been so easy to ignore them and walk away or even retaliate and say something nasty back.
Instead I stopped the two men and asked them if they know who ‘Sikhs’ are.

I then explained the concept of Langar and the Gurdwara.

After just spending 2 minutes with them explaining my faith, they apologised to me and gave me hug, and were very excited to visit the local Gurdwara.

It just goes to show that love is the best way.”

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